Successful Speakerthon

Our meeting this week, was slightly different to that of our normal meetings as we held a Speakerthon, which included six prepared speeches and evaluations instead of the usual 3 and a Table Topics session.

Holding a Speakerthon demonstrates our success as a growing club with the majority of our members (I think all of our members) are embarking on the Toastmasters training and education pathways to improve their speaking, leadership, listening, evaluation skills and more of which delivering speeches is an integral part.

We were treated to a real mix and it was undoubtedly an engaging and entertaining evening. Our speakers took us on a journey of emotions from sadness due to personal loss, thoughtfulness hearing about blogging and thinking to success, to humour and religious enlightenment. Feedback on what was good as well as what could be improved upon was provided to the speakers by evaluators. Our VP Education commented that we are “seeing a much higher quality of speech now and the evaluations likewise are punchier with more content and recommendations” which helps us all improve.

Comments from the guests in attendance included “well-run meeting,  well organised and coordinated”, “enjoyable and fun”, “it is a chance to rehearse how you want to be in life, learning how to listen and give feedback”, “you definitely learn during the meeting and it was intellectually elevating”, and one guest told me “you gain accountability and friendships”.

Next meeting is on 12th Feb and we are back to our usual format. Hope to see you there and remember guests are always welcome.


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