Meeting Resources

Meeting Roles

A meeting will usually consist of 3 – 4 prepared speeches by members.

There will also be additional speaking opportunities for members and guests: warm up and table topics – impromptu speaking.

In addition there are roles to make the meeting run smoothly which also provides speaking opportunities, and are an ideal way for a new member to build up confidence to his/her first prepared speech.

Mentors are available to new members and mentors will consider helping and supporting speaking projects that would fall outside of the club structure. ie  key presentations at work, wedding speeches etc.

Here is a list of the meeting roles:

Sergeant at arms

Timekeeper (CL) (E)

Grammarian (usually includes the ‘Um’ counter role) (CL) (E)

Table Topics Master (CL) (E)

Speech Evaluator (CL)

Toastmaster (CL)

General Evaluator (CL) (E)

Members are not expected to evaluate speeches until they have made a number of speeches themselves, attended enough meetings to properly understand what is required, and preferably have received training, or guidance from a mentor. This is only fair to the member making the evaluation, and to the speaker being evaluated.

Members are not expected to be Toastmaster or General Evaluator until they are very familiar with the club, have carried out most if not all of the meeting roles, and made a number of speeches and speech evaluations.