“I never thought meetings would be this funny”


“Loved the humour”, “positive and encouraging” and “I feel comfortable here” were just some of the comments our guests mentioned when we asked for their thoughts on our meeting last Tuesday evening.

Yes, there was a lot of laughing, especially in Table Topics as Marie, Table Topics master for the first time, cleverly used the idea of the advice you might give someone in a certain situation. These varied from the advice you’d give your newly divorced mum before going on her dinner date, to what would you say to your 11-year-old about to start secondary school. This gave an opportunity for virtually everyone to speak freely for over a minute including the guests. It was a really funny session and congratulations to the winner Giles, our newest member.

In the prepared speeches, Anastasia gave us a particularly amusing story about DNA testing and the resultant profiling information and Ron gave us a deeper insight into how we can use The Thousand Yard Stare.

There were serious moments too as Ruth gave us a particularly heartfelt speech calling on us all “Never to judge a book by its cover” and to have patience and understanding with people as you may not know their story.

Evaluations are a key part of each meeting as this is how all members develop as speakers. The club is a “safe space” to experiment and learn from the expertise and experience of fellow members in a positive and encouraging setting. We believe in working together to enhance all our skills for the benefit of all. On Tuesday, our Vice President of Education praised club members for the rising standard of speech evaluations which provided a number of commendations as well as recommendations for areas to work upon.

If you would like to improve your communication skills, presentation delivery, develop leadership skills and/or learn to master the public speaking nerves then come along. We meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Come along and see how friendly we are.

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