Deliberate deliberations

Deliberate deliberations

A review of our last meeting

As I sit here and ‘deliberate’ what to write, I am being deliberate in my intentions to get down all the main events from last night.

Word of the day

As you might gather from that odd start, ‘deliberate’ was the word of the day from our Grammarian. Their role is to encourage us to embrace a wider vocabulary and use of rhetorical devices and perhaps teach us something.  Did you realise it was the same spelling for both meanings?

Member involvement

One of our newer members took up the reins of Toastmaster last night. She confidently steering the meeting in her first outing as Toastmaster after only being a member a few months. She hoped that by the fact that she has stepped up and had a go, that it would encourage other new members to do the same.

Our timer was busy last night ensuring everyone maintained the discipline of saying what they have to say succinctly within the allotted time. If speakers overrun, the timer rings a bell and the audience claps the speaker off the stage including, last night, our grammarian …

Speeches and evaluations

Our three speakers delivering prepared speeches treated us to an insightful icebreaker introducing themselves to the club, a humorous tongue-in-cheek review of the principles of a good speech and call to consider Blue Ocean strategic thinking.

Evaluations of speeches are based on providing positive feedback for the speakers. Evaluators praise areas of speechcraft that were done well and give recommendations to areas where the speakers could improve. This is always done in a format which allows the audience to learn and incorporate into their own speeches too.


After a break, with refreshments including some sneaky delicious biscuits and cookies (and fruit for those with greater willpower than myself), it was time to practice spontaneous speaking.

Spontaneous speaking

Our Topics Master chose from a pick and mix set of questions that ranged from quotes to your strangest pet. As always, people picked up the baton and the standard of this spontaneous speaking on a previously unknown topic for 1-2 minutes was very high. Although participation in this section is optional for the guests, we are always delighted when they have a go. We all vote for the person whose speech we enjoyed the most. Last night one of our guests attending for the first time pipped all of us at the post and won. She demonstrated some great techniques which we could all use to good effect.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening all round.

Our next meeting is on the 25th June.

Islay and Chris

Photo by Juan Rumimpunu on Unsplash


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