What have social media and Marmite got in common?

I know social media is a little bit like Marmite, you either ‘love it or you hate it’! I have over the past few years tended toward the less positive response, but, that said, I have recently changed my mind. I shall explain….

Having just taken on the role of PR for the Tunbridge Wells Speakers Club and I have used Meet Up before but not for a few years. It is a website site that allows you to post news of any group meeting to the world whatever the topic, rambling, knitting, car repairs, Shakespeare or in our case, public speaking. I was a little sceptical but thought, well you don’t know until you try and I must admit what happened left me more than surprised. At the time of writing this we have in only 3 weeks gained 22 members to the Meet Up group and 4 new guests attended our last meeting on 22nd Aug. Ok, I can hear you thinking, 4 people, is that all, now hold on a second.

As Francis Drake said; “Great things have small beginnings”

So I am sticking with Francis on this one. Each of those four people know many others so in a few weeks with those four, and the 18 we haven’t yet met, it may be we have too many people for our meeting and we need to find a bigger room! What a great place to be in. Ok, ok, calm down I can hear you thinking, but isn’t it fun to ask ….what if.

Well, what I am pretty certain of is that without Meet Up we might have had one new person, perhaps two but 100% more than that, I doubt it. So, the long and short of it is, social media has worked and helped up connect to other interested in public speaking that we probably would not have reached. Overall, it was fantastic result, it was great to welcome so many new guests and we want to welcome a lot more. In fact, in our table topics Julia took on the experienced members and jointly shares the glory of the table topics trophy (see below). So, if you are reading this and have thoght about coming along and finding out about improving your public speaking then perhaps, just perhaps you might be one of three, four or five new guests at our next meeting.

That said, however many guests there are at the next meeting on 12th Sept, there will be a smiling face to welcome you. In fact the 12th Sept will hopefully feature lots of smiling faces as it is the annual Humorous Speech Contest night. It will feature up to 4 speakers each giving a speech 5-7 minutes long. If you are free that night and you are tempted to come along please be our guest and we can have a chat in the break to find out what the club might offer you.


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