Are you a untapped fountain of knowledge?

The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”
Nelson Mandela

I recently returned from a short trip to Kerry in Ireland, as is the way in Ireland I got chatting to people, a lot!!

As we talked I often got onto the topic of the speakers club and public speaking in general. The agreement from most was that public speaking was an exceptionally scary thing to do and something they would shy away from at any opportunity. No story from my short time away was more interesting than a gentleman who, a few years ago, had written an article on a soldier at the Battle of Trafalgar. This article was very well received in the historic fraternity and as a result he received numerous invitations to go and speak about this. One such invite came from a meeting being held at Oxford University, I would love to say he went along and spoke and that led to other engagements and he now makes his living talking about the naval things he is passionate about. I would like to say that because that is the fairy tale that I played out in my head when listening to him.

However, as you might imagine, that is not what played out, he did not speak at that meeting, or any of the others he was invited to. Now, I am not saying that was the wrong thing to do but his fear stopped him unlocking opportunities which could have changed his life.

As you might imagine I am an optimist, I imagine good things will happen, I see opportunity in most things and creating new possibilities. We are not all like that but his fear of public speaking held him man back. He is happy in his life now, and so I am happy about that. But, we don’t know what else might have happened, could creating an alternative path have helped him be even happier? The film Sliding Doors visually creates this idea of alternative lives based on the small things that happen each day.

So if you are like this guy, if you have opportunities to speak about topics you are knowledgeable on, I say don’t miss that chance, ask yourself what is the worst that can happen? Face that fear and stand up and speak and create new possibilities

The 10th Oct is Face your Fears day, if public speaking is one you want to crack then come along to one of our meetings and you will find a warm, welcoming bunch who want to see you learn, grow and succeed.

What have you got to lose, little. What have you got to gain, well that is to be seen?……………..

Tunbridge Wells Speakers club – we meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Come along for free as a guest and see what it’s all about. Click here for details.

Chris 🙂



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