8th Aug 2017 Meeting

I have just walked in from tonight’s meeting so keen to let people know how it went.

We were delighted to welcome two guests tonight and our two newest members. Indu who has been part of toastmasters in India and Eddie who has visited us once before so great to see him back again. What was lovely was they gave some fantastic feedback about how we ran things as we are keen to see what people think and share their experiences. Indu shared experiences she has of Toastmasters in India and gave us some ideas about how we might jazz up the Table Topics so watch this space……

We only had one speech tonight which was from me and it was my second speech from the Competent Communicator manual so it was focused on organising a speech. The title was ‘ Are you a lucky or an unlucky person’, the speech talked about The Luck Factor by Richard Wiseman and translated this into lessons we might all take on board to welcome more luck into our lives! As with each speech given at Toastmasters there was a full and excellent evaluation, this time from Graham Archbold which helps the speaker identify not only what they did well but also what they might do differently to further improve both the speech and their abilities as a speaker.

With the extra time we had, we fitted in two rounds of Table Topics, these are impromptu speeches delivered for a minute, so the adrenaline rush hit most people twice tonight. The topics varied from; ‘Home is your Sanctuary’, to; ‘If you could ask one person from any point in time one question who would it be and what would your question be’.

Our proud winners tonight were Ritesh and Katy, Katy wasn’t so keen to be in the photo so you’ll have to imagine her standing on the right in the picture below 🙂

Overall a great evening despite being light on speeches it meant that everyone had at least two opportunities to stand up and speak and hence get evaluated.

Thanks goes to everyone this evening and our next meeting is on Tues 22nd August from 7.15pm upstairs at the Tunbridge Wells Bridge Club if you’d like to come along please just turn up and you will be made most welcome.

Picture of Table Topics Winner Ritesh and Katy 8th Aug 2017


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